The Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International and Global History (Con-IH) is organized by Harvard graduate students who are immersed in the field of international history. Typically, the conference selects 12 graduate students from around the world to participate in a two-day in-person conference. In light of COVID-19, this year we will group accepted papers in four virtual roundtables starting in Spring 2021, each composed of two graduate students and two faculty commentators. Participation in Con-IH presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage in lively and lengthy discussions with an emerging cohort of researchers-in-training from around the world, as well as with faculty from Harvard and elsewhere. 

For the past two decades, Con-IH has been generously supported by various centers at Harvard including the Harvard History Department, the Weatherhead Center for International Affaris, the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, the Charles Warren Center for North American History, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, the Asia Center, the Center for African Studies, the Committee on Australian Studies, among others. 

Con-IH 21, "Gender and Empire” is organized by Catey Boyle, Sara Kang, Jewel Pereyra, Clare Anderson, Jesús Solís, Kalpana Mohanty, Shae Omonijo, Yareli Castro-Sevilla, Kirin Gupta, Emmanuel Osayande, Caroline Kahlenberg, and Kristin Oberiano. Our faculty advisors for this year are Durba Mitra, Sven Beckert and Erez Manela.

Past Con-IH Conferences

2020 Labor and Discipline from a Global Perspective

Organizing Committee: Jesús Solís, Kenneth Alyass, Mitchell Bacci, Natalie Behrends, Catey Boyle, Brandon Mancilla, Ifeosa Nkem-Onyekpe, Hannah Pinkham, Catherine Tsai, and Bohao Wu


2019 Militarization: Methods, Approaches, and New Directions

Organizing Committee: Kristin Oberiano, Jesús Solís, Catey Boyle, Daniel Chardell, Sara Kang, Brandon Mancilla, Hannah Pinkham, Sarah Sadlier, and Catherine Tsai

2018 The Pacific in the World

Organizing Committee: Kelly Brignac, Ruodi Duan, Kristin Oberiano, Jesús Solís, Rephael Stern, Georgia Whitaker  

2017 Migration, Immigration, and Diaspora

Organizing Committee: Thomas Jamison, Kelly Brignac, Chloe Bordewich, Ruodi Duan, Aden Knaap, Matthew Sohm, Rephael Stern

2016 The Economic Dimension

2015 Transitions: States & Empires in the Longue Durée

2014 Sources in International History

2013 Law and International History

2012 Religion and Civilization in International History

2011 Mobilities, Flows, and Networks in Global History

2010 International Society and its Discontents

2009 Nature in International History

2008 Gender in International History

2007 Rights and Sovereignties in Global History

2006 Universalities in World History

2005 The Rise and Demise of International Orders

2004 Empires and Imperial Control

2003 The United States from the Outside In

2002 The International Marketplace

2001 Global America